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Sunday, April 27, 2014


suede fringe boots

I bought this coat ages ago when it was too cold to wear it.

 It sat in the wardrobe waiting for when it's mild but not mild enough to be coat-less yet, which sums up New York right now.

Needless to say I'm now well chuffed for the five minutes it can be worn before summer hits.

floral coat Isabel Marant suede fringe boots drop crotch denim jeans suede fringe boots Chanel boy chanel patent boy bag
Coat: Zara. Try Attic & Barn, MSGM, Asos or Topshop's floral bomber. Harem mens jeans and boots: H&M. Try Aldo or Revolve. Top: Second hand. Bag: Chanel. Try Rebecca Minkoff. Shades: RayBan 

While going through the wardrobe I forgot about these mens drop crotch jeans that were once glued to me.  More accidental wardrobe 'shopping.' 

I'll sound like a broken record but definitely check out the mens jeans or trousers section when you are out looking.  These don't fit 'perfectly' but that's why men's jeans are weirdly perfect. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rebel Rebel

sandro coat

(Almost) everything about this is masculine which is why I loved it. Same reason for loving creepers and winkle pickers. They're boyish enough for everything. 

Underground creepers platform creepers
leopard print jeans leopard print jeans Underground Original creepers british style Sandro wool coat
Coat: Sandro. Try Topshop, Chicnova or  Jeans: H&M. Try JBrand (25% off site wide code: INTHEFAMILY14). Shirt: Second hand shop. Boots: Underground Originals. Love these winkle pickers or these badass lace ups. Bag: Chanel. Try Rebecca Minkoff or Asos. Suspenders: Mens (random)

Every time I put on these boots I miss wearing them more often. The big sole, the pointy toe, the buckles. So good.  They look wicked with all black.  

I wore them this time with the faded leopard jeans and the polka shirt.  Never thought that I'd still need a coat but this is no typical spring. A good excuse to bring them out just one more time.

ps. Rare Shobop sale is on. 25% off site wide including sales stuff: Code: INTHFAMILY14. I'm thinking about getting these safety pin earrings for extra off, especially after me talking to you about wearing more earrings.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

That Slip Dress

slip dress

There I was in Times Square getting off the escalator inside H&M and there they were: dark blue slip dresses. Boom!

It must have looked like I was still on the escalator judging by the way I glided over to the rack of them.  

vintage fringe jacket western ankle boots snakeskin ankle boots

I like the lace part at the bottom.  Reminds me of a real night slip dress you thought of wearing outdoors. You've seen the boots before.
Here's an old post showing you how to customize your own old boots. Warning: You need sharp scissors.

women's ankle boots womens slip dress
Slip dress: H&M. Try Free People. I like this black, the 'Bonita' or this gorge one (want!). Fringe jacket: Vintage. Boots: (DIY cut to ankle + metal tips added). Try these by Steve Madden, Office Vintage. Bag: Vintage Coach. Shades: Ray-Ban

I know if Mum saw this dress she'd probably say 'isn't that a nightie you've got on?' to which I'd probably say 'yes it is - cool right?' as I walk out the door - just to wind her up ;-) 

Soon as I saw it though at the shop I didn't even hesitate. I was scanning the size labels before I even looked at the price when normally it's the other way round.

I added an old belt and a suede fringe jacket (you saw the jacket a couple of weeks ago with white jeans here).  A cropped jacket would've worked too - next time. I'm just glad it's warm enough to even wear slip dresses layered or not!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Got It At Walmart

Trophy jacket

Yes I'm in wally world.  The place for slashing DIY mens t-shirts at bargain prices so you can keep re-practising (long time readers might remember this Walmart slashed tshirt post) and for bulk buying Hanes plain tshirts and undies. 

sequin jacket topshop arson boots western boots women's black denim jeans Alexander Wang donna bag sequin bomber jacket vintage trophy jacket
Sequin jacket: Vintage. Try Iro, One Teaspoon, or this sick gold number. Bag: Alexander Wang. Jeans: Zara (DIY ripped). Try (on sale). Tshirt: Zara. Boots: Topshop

Don't ask why I'm in the toy section. That was me looking for something for someone else.

I'm impressed that after all these years of owning this jacket I still love it and it's still intact. The sequins are multicolored enough to go with anything.  The black trim is so good....

I'm surprised it hasn't started to lose sequins yet. I'm sure that's coming but I'll still wear it. If you get one layer them over anything plain and basic and you are set.

Think I over did it on the jeans but that's what experimenting is for. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inside Modern Vice

Untitled Untitled

Putting it very mildly, I wear ankle boots a lot.   Over 50% of my shoes are ankle boots so I'm surprised that I hadn't visited the Modern Vice studio earlier than just last week!  

Basically my head exploded at seeing such a high concentration of leather ankle boots in one space - especially being made.   Have a look...


Studded pixie boots. 


Inside the studio watching the workers make the shoes was pretty cool actually.  

All their shoes are hand made.  Some of their workers have been shoe makers for decades. 

Untitled Untitled Untitled

The Jett boots in Oxblood under construction. They come in a ton of colors (see first two photos above).


Loafers and snake skin ankle boots.  I know I know - the dark blue ones...


Pointy croc loafers in the front. Bright suede pixie boots in the back. 


Grommet and studded Jett ankle boots in suede.  I'd so wear these with the plainest skinny jeans and an old t-shirt. 


Look at the contrast leather finish on the black pair.


The top right ribbed back, lace ups are one of my faves.  Pointy toed with no hardware. Just leather and black laces in soft leather. 


Oh look - creepers.  #britstyle


I figured some punk/rock and roll shoe boot porn would go down well right about now on here.

You can check out more of the collection on their website.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When you find something you had lost for years

Olivia morris boots Untitled

Tattoo Boots: Olivia Morris

One of the benefits of home renovating, which I am doing right now, is unearthing things that you  didn't know you had kept - until two days ago. 

I'll hold onto these for a bit longer.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


givenchy curb boots

Never thought of horizontal stripe skirts till this one.

givenchy chain boots givenchy chain ankle boots chain ankle boots ray ban aviators stripe skirt
Coat: Scotch & Soda. Try Nicholas (on sale). Knit jumper: H&M Paris Collection. Skirt: Zara. Try French Connection or Torn. Boots: Givenchy. Lookalikes from Steve Madden. Bag: Kurt Geiger. Hat: H&M. Shades: Ray-Ban

 This black and white one is a good similar but I'd get the top too which looks killer as a set.  I'm considering ordering. Fling a plain coat over it and bob's your uncle really.

This is hands down the warmest jumper.  Downside is the itch in warm rooms which wasn't much since I spent the entire day out.

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