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shearling jacket

“The scarf is vintage. I held it together at the front.”  
– Olivia

I was carrying about two large bags and racing to the underground when I spotted Olivia crossing the street in the snow.  I knew I had to stop her even if I resembled the bag lady at the time.  To me summarized the perfect warm look needed for New York this week.  Plus how gorge are her plaits?

Olivia is wearing a vintage olive green shearling coat and a whiskey brown leather bag – both from Paris. Her boots are Doc Marten.
Olivia is originally from Paris (you can imagine how she sounded when she talked to me).  She is currently interning in New York with Proenza Schouler.  
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The Full Monty on Tess

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Definition: The Full Monty: 
British slang phrase.  It is generally used to mean “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”
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Over the years, I have always asked people where did you get that shoe, that dress, that bag (hence the “I had to ask” section).  So much so that I wanted to start a wardrobe series that goes further.

First up is Tess Rueth who I met at her home in Brooklyn. 


Fendi heels from the Fendi boutique 

Fendi bag from Barneys

“The Fendi bag is from Barneys and most of my friends think that it’s really ostentatious and gross but I really love it. Do you remember in Sex and The City when Carrie gets robbed with this Fendi bag?  Carrie said: ‘It’s a baguette!’ It’s this bag! The same color and everything.  I went through a phase where I’d wear it with these purple strappy Yves Saint Laurent shoes and I would wear them with really weird clothes together. It was my go to date outfit.”

Sequin dress find at No Relation in the East Village


“I’ve been wearing vintage clothing and shopping at thrift stores for fun since I was really young.  For example, some of these hard clutches I got when I was around 18 years old and they somehow manage to still be cool.”


Bags from a recent holiday in Thailand 
“You know when you get new stuff how you secretly are really obsessed with it? I’m really obsessed with these bags. I got them in Thailand and I can’t get enough of them.  These were $30 each.”


“This bag was $5 and I just sewed all the coin charms on from eBay.  You buy the charms in bulk and you can cover as many bags as you want.”


Custom velvet dress
“I made this velvet dress. I sewed the whole thing by hand. It’s really low at the front and totally backless.”

Belt find in Morrocco
“This is my all time favorite belt. I had it made in Morrocco but it’s so crazy.  I think I traded a pack of gum with the guy who made it.”

Christian Dior belt
“I got this belt at a thrift store around the corner. I think it was $2.50”

Click through to see the rest of Tess’s finds.

You will NOT believe where she found her wedding dress.


Chanel Lego bag
“This is definitely one of my favorite things right now. It’s a gift from Eric.”

Louis Vuitton runway shorts
“You had to put in your order, pay for it and then they had them fitted for you.  I really only wear them in places like Vegas or vacation time. Like in New York you just get stares.”

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent necklace
“My boyfriend at the time threw a bunch of my stuff out of the window and two minutes later a cab rolled over and smashed all my jewelry so he went all over San Francisco looking for pieces to make up for what he’d lost and he pulled out this necklace saying ‘I don’t know if you’re gonna like this one.’ I said its vintage Yves Saint Laurent!   There were only around 180 pieces made and some woman at a vintage antique show tried buying it from me.”

Sequin dresses and jackets stored under the bed
“My closet can’t support the weight of the sequins because one day in the middle of the night my entire  closet fell out.  All these sequin things are too heavy. You just can’t put them all on hangers.” 


Noir dinosaur bones cuff

“It was part of my wedding gift from my husband Eric.”
“I love it.  It’s so fluffy it’s almost like feathers. Every time I wear it my husband always makes fun of me.”

Gold plated handcuff bracelet by Kiki de Montparnasse

“They’re like real hand cuffs that police officers carry.”
Drawer of vintage necklaces
“These are mostly all vintage. I love them all and you can’t really replace them but if there was a fire I’d mostly grab things that are sentimental.
Pippin is my favorite jewelry store in New York. It’s all vintage, antiques and estate stuff.  Really cool shit and it’s not really expensive.  It’s in Chelsea.  
There’s also a thrift store close to me on Flatbush Avenue that I die for.  It’s like a warehouse and everything is so cheap.  My Christian Dior belt is from there (shown above).”


“I got this necklace from an antique store in NYC kinda reminds me of my Mum. I bought two just so she could have one.  It’s kind of big and clunky and kinda looks vintage but it’s a statement necklace.  It’s one of those things that you just throw it on and you are good to go you know?”


Oscar de La Renta dress
“The designer gave it to a woman who didn’t like it so she gave it to her roommate who is my sister in law’s grandma. So they called me and said that they had this dress made by someone named Oscar and it turned out to be Oscar de Le Renta and it fits me perfectly.”

Vera Wang wedding dress found at Beacons Closet in Brooklyn
“I found it at at Beacons and it was around $400.  I got it for nothing because I sold some clothes that day and that paid for it.  I tried it on and it fit me perfectly.  I was just dating the man who is now my husband and so obviously I didn’t really need a wedding dress at the time but I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly so I got it.  I sent him a picture of it and said ‘I just got a full blown wedding dress!’ and I ended up getting married in it.” 
“I feel like when you find black tie dresses or gowns it’s never when you need them.  It’s only when you need a dress like that, that you can’t find shit.”
Tess’ outfit: Top: Stone Cold Fox. Jeans: Vintage boys DIY ripped/shredded. Necklace: Charms collected from Thailand and coins from eBay. String bracelets collected from a temple in Thailand. 

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At one of our fave eat spots on the Lower East Side ❤️ .
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DIY denim bling I forgot to Instagram 💙 .
Jacket - Levi's 
Jumper - H&M
Pins - Vintage/Thrift
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Baggy trousers 👖
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Friday feet 👟👟👟 .
Although not sure a drive in the mini will save them from the snow so may have to change!
Trainers - Nike
Leggings - Paige Denim
Bag - Gucci 
Scarf - Zara
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Yesterday in men's galaxy knit. At least that's what it looks like ✔️
Jumper - HM men's 
Jeans - Gap + DIY hacked
Trainers - Adidas 
Bag - Chanel .
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Jumper on sale: @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/28QkP #liketkit