Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Decor Crush: Shabby Chic

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While in London last month I spent the second half of my trip at my mate Paula's home. Here is a walk through her shabby chic house nestled in south London.  

Fairy lights illuminate unused wood logs in the fireplace.  At night they create a gorgeous light.


Vintage and second hand finds are her signature and are throughout her home.  Look at this old suitcase that sits so well in her living room beside a chest of drawers.


Her cat's name is Beauty and she has the most incredible face.  She almost looks unreal here.

She bites by the way.

The union jack cushion is a Primark find. The sofa is a vintage chesterfield bought from a local antique shop.  She has two of them flanking each side of the living/dining room.

shabby chic

Paula's coat of the day (or week) hangs from her bedroom door.


An old working safe that took several men to bring it into her home because of it's weight. 

shabby chic` shabby chic homes home decor

Here's Beauty again sitting at her usual spot on the arm of the sofa.  Look at that glare it's almost human-like.

Anthropologie or Pier 1 sells similar style furniture. 

It's a lot of photos for this post so click through to see the rest of her home. 

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Paula's a Diptyque candle fanatic like me. She keeps hers in clusters around the house. You can get Diptyque candles here.  My faves are Pommander and Roses.

stylish homes

This is an old doctor's filing unit which was used to hold patient's medical files.  Paula turned it into a place to store CDs.

british homes

Old style bath faucets.

home decor inspiration

Her loo roll holder in the bathroom.

The silver tray with chalk board sign was found at a local shop for only 3 quid.  It was originally a herb planter.

shabby chic decor

Silver antler hooks hold a hat in the bathroom. The hooks frame one of her many Josephine Baker pictures - her style icon.

shabby chic homes
cool house decor

More hats are displayed around a mirror on one wall in her bedroom for easy access and to decorate dead wall space.  FreePeople sell similar looking hats if you want vintage boho without the flea market hunt.

cool british homes

A retractable stair case leads you up to the house attic.

stylish british homes

Old concert tickets on a wall rack.  

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Home decor is an extension of you so it's cool to get a peek at someone else's take on decorating four walls.  Hope it inspires you.

You can see my other decor crush feature here if you prefer contemporary living spaces!


  1. oeh i love it!


  2. Really like the black & white wallpaper.

  3. Wow ! Her house seems really amazing ... lots of little secrets !

  4. Karen her pad is unreal, how original!!! Beauty is hilarious with those facial expressions so cute and a biter.....me likey.
    This gave me so many ideas for my flat. Lastly, can we take a moment for that Teddy Ruxbin coat.......Amazeballs!

  5. Wow, love the decor so much! Everything is so beautiful! ♥
    I especially loved the fairy lights in the fire places, so cute!
    Loved the wall rack (so very cool), and the her CD COLLECTION! ♥♥♥
    Awesome home! :D

  6. That can is beautiful. Wow...Just looks so smoochable!

  7. If anyone is wondering where she got those calendar cubes she got them at evolutionstores.co.uk I work for this ethical trade shop and it's the most beautiful store and business in the world <3 check it out :-)

  8. The croquetas were slightly crunchy on the outside and deliciously creamy on the inside, the cold meat platter was exceptional value with the melt in your mouth jamon being the highlight, the bravas were mildly spicy and the sardines were basically finger licking good. london icons

  9. Wow!! Is Paula a designer? Where can you find her website!!

  10. Wow! What an awesome eye Paula has! Is she an interior designer? Where is her website???


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