Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Decor Crush: Clean Living

cool home decor

Get ideas for your own space: Here's my trip to the uh-mazing home of my mate Daria, her husband and their twins...

stylish home decor

Morning light in their dining area. I brought Daria the Diptyque candle shown above - my fave candles. She of course found the perfect place for it in front of old books that she groups by colour. This is next on my list to try scent wise! 

inspiring home decor modern home decor

The picture frame was salvaged from their barn upstate. Daria hated the picture so removed it and displays the frame alone.

modern home decor

Their home is filled throughout with warm shades of wood.

modern home decor

Brightly coloured 'ugly doll' monster cushions found on eBay.  I flipping love these.

stylish home decor

The bay windows in their sunken living room floods the space with natural light.  The chaise lounge is from Ikea.

home decor inspiration

Daria searched weeks for this mirror. It was sold out across most Ikeas and costs $19. She lucked out one day after almost giving up. 

american interior design

One kitchen wall is covered in chalk paint and serves as their to do list, kids drawing pad and general fun board for family and visiting guests. 

great home decor

The chalk wall is also a dramatic accent in their home. 


This metal table on castors was picked up from a free garage sale in their area.  It sits in their guest room.

amazing home decor

They have three cats. This one is a rescue and is the most affectionate cat that I have ever met. I wanted to take him home with me!

modern home decor

See more of her shoe collection plus surplus photos on my Facebook.

modern interior design

Open shelving in her closet room.

stylish interior design

The little chair is a barn find from the house that we escape to every summer (see that summer house here). 

cool interior design

I had to take this photo of Daria experimenting with shots for their family Christmas card cover.

great interior design Untitled

Posters in the guest room. These are from a past MacWorld convention.

Quote from Daria:

"My home tells the story of who we've been, where we've travelled and my desire to create order. It's the same approach I take in my closet."

Last week Michael and I visited my mate Daria and her husband upstate. I've been thinking about changing our own interior space throwing away 60% of our crap next year and so being at their home was hugely inspiring a wake up call!

Instagram followers saw a bit already but this is a tour through the rest of their home.  I know it's coming: future strategic visits to flea markets, garage sales, West Elm, Ikea, salvage yards. That'll be me next year.

ps. Anyone read Living etc? It's my fave home decor magazine for ideas. If anyone has a fave modern decor magazine let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. She does. She's always furnished her spaces this way.

  2. Such a peaceful clean and zen atmosphere!

    1. Which is impressive with twins running around!

  3. Such a beautiful living space :)

    Maggie A

  4. lovely clean lines.


    1. Yes she's always been about clean, simple style.

  5. I adore this love.
    This brought a stranger to life and I loved that. x

    1. Thx Christina. Was hoping to do something like that with the photos

  6. Replies
    1. That's what I thought when I first walked in

  7. This is just brilliant! I like modern and resourceful apartments.


  8. What a beautiful home!

    And yes, I am a big, big fan of Living, etc. although it costs the Earth to buy it here. They have a new EIC coming on board now and I certainly hope he doesn't change anything! As it is, it's the only shelter mag I read since the demise of our dear, departed Domino.

    1. ahhh you read that mag too? It's absolutely brilliant! oh God I always fear when a new one comes along because you know they'll want to put their own mark on it somehow :/

      Yea Domino is now gone. Thank God for Living Etc.

  9. Such a beautiful home! I love how minimalist it is and yet still so warm and inviting!

  10. I love Decor is one of my part-time affairs after fashion...I love this space is so peaceful and the harmony is amazing !! Well done.xoxo


  11. Unique decor site http://dsignhaus.com .


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