Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm cutting my hair

Freja Beha

Pics: Elle July 2012. Freja (unknown)

So I'm going to cut my hair and have made an appointment at noon tomorrow.

It's a toss up between these two above looks which I love:

Picture 1:  Freja Beha with her grown out shaggy bob that grazes the collar bone.  I cannot tell you how much I love this.  It's still enough hair to play with but looks edgy enough to feel like me.

Picture 2.  Daria Werbowy in a shorter tucked behind the ears look which I have had before but keep circling back to every two years to consider a re-cut.

None of you have seen me with Daria's cut.  It was before I started WDUGT and while I was still living in London.  I have always had long hair from a little girl. I remember when Mum would sit me between her legs on the living room floor and plait my hair and boy did I cry my eyes out.  I hated the comb going through my thick hair and resented each time she would instruct me to "go get the comb and brush."

Years later and one really bad relationship over, I booked for a hair cut at the prestigious Errol Douglas salon in London.  *If I'm getting a cut, I wanted to pay for a damn good one.  Errol took one look at my dry over processed hair: "you know all this needs to come off."  He was holding over 8+ inches.   I told him to just do it.   He morphed me from long dry hair to a stunning similar cut to Daria's above. Heck - it was better than Daria's.  It was a massive change. I noticed my neck and jaw line for the first time and my eyes peeped out from under a long playful side swept fringe.   Strangely enough, I felt more feminine with it short than when it was longer.  I started to wear earrings more.  Everyone loved the feminine tomboy.  Even strangers complimented me on it (that was a first).  Mum was speechless - not in a good way.

The biggest change?  Everything I wore looked 10 x better.  It was like magic.  You know when you look at someone and say: "oh well she can wear anything with that face"  well apply that same statement but switch the words "that face" to "that hair cut."  You get the point.   The bad part?  The grow out phase was a b*tch.

So now you know some background, which cut should I get tomorrow?

Picture 1:  The blunt cut shag a la Freja?  or

Picture 2:  The "holy crap that's Karen?" long fringe/short sides.

*Why is it that when a woman ends a bad relationship one of the first things that they do is cut or change their hair?  I could swear that my reason for the Daria cut was badly damaged hair (it was going to break off) but it coincided with ending a low point in my life back then.  My hair and relationship are fine now so the cut is about a style change.  I'm tired of the way it is.

Soooo which one???!!   If I like the new cut enough I'll instagram/tweet a picture from the salon!


  1. I can see you rock the first one Karen. Do it! :)

  2. AHh I've been style stalking you forever. Can't wait to seee you with a different hair cut =]


  3. aaaah i know it's going to look amazing on you! BUT I'd go for the first one, just to see how you feel and then if you love it go back and get more of the length cut off... better to be safe then sorry! :)

    Daria's cut all the way!
    I can totally relate to your reasoning previously for cutting your hair
    a toxic relationship can definitely make you want to shed your old skin and revamp ones overall state of mind & image!
    Have fun at the salon luv, can't wait to see the finished look!

    Emily :-X

  5. Very difficult to see you in those two cuts, they have very thin and straight hair...
    Personally I love your natural curled hair, but, as someone who has it also straight and very thin, it's normal. We 'always' want what we don't have!

  6. I vote for 2!


  7. Random - but now that you mention Errol Douglas - my friend just redesigned their salon in London. I'm liking the Daria cut. It strikes me as the more versatile cut of the two. Looking forward to seeing your new haircut! :-)

  8. The first one reflects your rocknroll style well. Both are stunning though

  9. Go short like Daria's, it will grow stronger and is a bigger change!

  10. go short like Daria's, it will grow stronger and is a more dramatic look change!

  11. I love both cuts :) Funny, I just decided to chop mine, too! Have to schedule with my hubby (my hairdresser)-- harder than you think when he works 2 jobs & we have 2 little ones! I would do the shorter one. Then, when you decide to grow it out-- grow it out with the longer style. I feel like short hair is refreshing and I agree it makes everything look cooler :))

  12. Personally love the secod one it's very pretty and feminine! Since you've had it and loved it why not go back to it!?

  13. I feel like the first one is more you, but I would love to see you with the second. Haha I know that probably didn't help any!


    The Kris Bliss

  14. I vote for the second one. It's easy and sassy. The second one reminds me too much of "growing out hair".

  15. PS. I also have a hard time picturing them on you. They have fine straight hair. Is it easy to style when you're hair is like that? I really like your natural curls. It'd be cool to see a shorter cut with your curls gone wild.

  16. the first one if you want a subtle change, second if you want a more dramatic change! i've been contemplating a bob w/ blunt bangs for a while now, but i'm waiting till after my wedding.

  17. The other day I was checking your blog out and wondered what you would look like with shorter hair. I am so excited to find out!

  18. #1!! Can't wait to see! It's just hair, it will grow back:)

  19. My choice is the Second one of course -- its badd aaass. The first one - subtle change.

  20. I meant to add it's only hair and it will grow back! (before hitting the return button)..

  21. top cut will look awesome and allows a cute short pony tail when necessary

  22. Cut #1...its a dramatic change and allows for a pony tail when necessary

  23. number two would set you apart in an iconic way

  24. first one is zzzzzzzzzboring

  25. I have a lot of thoughts about this, so let me begin by saying that it's your head, your hair, and you should do whatever pleases you. Your body, yourself.

    That being said, I don't see you in either of these haircuts. Don't forget that your hair is not the same texture as either of the two white women pictured. Once you remove the weight that comes with length, you are going into curl world, big time. Or you are consigning yourself to a lifetime of flat-ironing. Either way, you may be frustrated. And the layers in the first cut are, IMO, a big, big no-no with ethnic hair.

    I know whereof I speak. I cut my hair once. It was an act of teen age rebellion designed to poke at the ultimate bad relationship in my life -- the one I had with my dad. What I didn't realize was that I would hate my short hair even more than he did! I lived with regret, chemical relaxers, and a lot of hats for two years. I knew nothing of hair extensions back then, but if I had I would have gotten some the very next day. Instead, I had to live with looking like Don King when I got up every morning. Lesson Learned.

    The good news, of course, is that hair grows back. Mine did, and yours will, too. Or, you may find that you love your new short hair and decide to carry on with it. Either way, you are a beautiful woman and I'm sure that won't change. I'm eager to see what you come up with.


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