Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marie Claire Fashion Mission

The latest episode of Marie Claire's Fashion Mission with Lindsey from Saucy Glossie and me.

I LOVED this style challenge.  The brief from senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts was to get Lindsey out of her classic style and give her some edge so I gave her a makeover and picked out different looks.  We shot the episode at Trash & Vaudeville one of my fave places to shop and you've read about before.

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  1. Luv it...always good to step out of your comfort zone n try something new....wouldn't be surprised if a white leather jacket has made it's way into her permanent collection. :)


  2. Love this video, great sugestions dear

    Kiss from Portugal.*Jo

  3. So much fun! I would love to go shopping with you. You seem like you would ease me out of my comfort zone. I've always liked the rock and roll look, but have no idea where to start. Love your style and I enjoy watching you on Fashion Mission!

  4. I really loved this episode..

  5. Love the rock and roll look on Lindsey!

  6. Very cool styling and a nice compromise for her style.

  7. That white leather jacket is great. Where did you get your green lace skirt?! I absolutely love it.


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