Sunday, July 27, 2014


adidas stan smith

The shirt is a find from the mens shirt section at my local second hand shop.  It looks like one of those shirts guys wear under a three piece.  

chanel 14c red jumbo Adidas stan smith

The Stans have been on my feet a lot. I had a five minute conversation with a random fellow Brit at Grand Central station two days ago about them after she stopped me to ask where I got them. It's always cool to bump into someone from England when in New York. It's like having a slice of home for a few minutes. 

white denim shorts plaid shirt white denim shorts
Shirt: Mens second hand/thrift shop. Try Asos mens section or Madewell.  Shorts: Forever21. Try Blank Denim.  Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith. Bag: Chanel. Try Tory. Shades: Ray-Ban

I was just saying on Facebook how I remember the days living in London and I'd come to New York with my mate Paula on long shopping weekends. The exchange rate was in our favor and we'd shack up at some cheap hotel and power shop and eat 'anything American' while looking for cool trainers to wear back in London.

I was obsessed with wearing boyish trainers with everything.  We both were.

God those were the days...


Friday, July 25, 2014

Your Steal Summer Skirt FOUND!

tie dye skirt maxi skirt summer maxi skirts
  Skirt: Forever21. Mens DIY sleeve hacked Tshirt: Second hand/thrift. Bag: Chanel

This week a friend was wearing this skirt and my brows arched when she said where it was from. She gave me an extra (thank you Ju!)  and I had to share it here.

It's super long with a flattering wide waistband so it can be doubled over to adjust the length or leave as is.  Perfect for weekends and small enough to roll up into a holiday suitcase.

Badass now with cut off t-shirts.  Badass later with giant knits, boots and brimmed hats.

I do not need to tell you either that it works as a strapless dress with a low slung belt.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

White Dungarees

White overalls

I love a good white denim especially in dungarees because they take the fuss and 'perfectness' of white out. 

white dungarees black leather jacket Untitled

I wore them while upstate a few weeks ago and borrowed Daria's vintage jacket for a few minutes just to 'feel' it on me.

white denim
Black leather motor jacket
white dungarees
vintage leather jacket

Sir Oliver enjoying country life for days on end - no leash necessary.

White dungarees: Levis. Try Asos or Frame.  Sandals: Zara. Cuff: Liberty United.  Shades: Ray-Ban.  Jacket: Daria's (she talked about it before here).

We both were discussing the merits of constantly searching for the perfectly slouched leather jacket which she now has in this one.   You can read the full piece on Daria here.

I reckon that we're all looking for THE perfect slouched leather I don't care what time of year it is.

If not, then it's looking for the perfect denim 'something' which these dungarees are for me - it's their second summer rotation.  Wear them with a white t-shirt for a white on white look or contrast them in dark tops - both ways work.


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