Monday, September 1, 2014

Blue Lace

blue lace dress

You know one of those moments when you think: "Right. I'm trying this on."  This lace dress was one of them.

blue dress ray ban mirror aviators Untitled new york fashion bloggers
Dress: Zara. Reminds me of this Thakoon one. Shoes: Vans. Bag: Chanel. Shades: Ray-Ban

....long term readers know that being cobalt is enough of a reason.

I almost returned it thinking why get it at the end of summer but thought what the heck it's on clearance (and it's cobalt).  Plus it can get layered under knit jumpers next season.

PS.  Labour Day weekend shopping sales everywhere.  Here's some faves:

NastyGal - 30% off. I like this deep v-neck knit to wear over skirts/skinnies/wide trousers.
Express - 40% off everything!! I got this Carrie-like skirt in fuchsia and orange. Check Facebook for a dressing room photo.
L.K. Bennett - Extra 40% off sale. Code LD40
Rag & Bone - 30% off pre-fall
Gap - Up to 40% off. Code DAY at checkout. I got this denim pencil skirt to wear with trainers or slip ons. 
Barneys Warehouse  - Up to 30% off
Sephora - 75% off


Friday, August 29, 2014

6 Cool Pieces For Fall!


To me there are only a handful of pieces that make a difference:

Wide leg culottes.  

Hers are from Topshop.  Wear now with sandals and open toe heels. Wear later with short or  tall boots.


The cape coat.  

 Buy one in black or grey and wear it over slim cut jeans or trousers. 


The calf length skirt. 

It's a ladylike throw back that looks just as cool with heels or with flats or a pair of trainers.
Buy in wool, leather or faux leather. 


Classic brogues or oxfords. 

Updated with a pointy toe.  


The chunky knit jumper.  

Wear a small knit with a big skirt or wide leg pants.  

Wear an oversized knit with a mini skirt or skinnies. 

Photos: Karen Blanchard/Where Did U Get That

The maxi floor length skirt.  

Wear now with sandals and a t-shirt and later with boots, knits, blazers or bomber jackets.

Get fall outfit ideas (from last week's post).


Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Sex Pistols

studded leather jacket

I f*@king love this jacket.  A completely unplanned purchase found when popping into a fave vintage shop.

celine platform sandals Untitled Untitled
Jacket: Vintage shop in the East Village. Similars from Asos mens or this sick one for women.  Sandals: Celine (summer creepers). Similars on House of Fraser and Nordstrom.  Shades: Ray-Ban

Have you noticed on days that you take an unplanned trip into a shop 'just to see' that you always find something? And that when you are actually looking for something that you don't find anything?  This  corresponds with when you have money (you see nothing) and when you don't have money (you see everything) but that's a whole other story. 

ps. I didn't realize that it said Sex Pistols on the back until I got home.  It could've said 'you stupid cow' on the back for all I knew... I'd still have taken it.   Photos taken a few days ago. 


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