Friday, September 19, 2014

New Acquisitions

embroidered coat Untitled madewell bucket bag
Coat: Flea Market.  Bag: Madewell.  

My first two new Autumn acquisitions.

The first is this coat.  You can imagine how I found it.  As Michael's driving past a local church flea market I yell: "OMG stop the car! Stop. The. Bloody. Caaaaar!!" He pulls over without even asking why.  He already knows.  I jump out and literally run into the market where I saw the coat hanging on a wire fence.  I'm thinking to myself: 'will it fit?'    Two minutes later I'm sitting smugly back in the mini with it.  It fit!

The second find is a Madewell leather drawstring bag that some have seen on my Instagram photo in a fitting room. The Mansur Gavriel bag re-ignited the current trend for them and I've worn various vintage ones throughout the years (including my still loved white DIY studded one), but I never found a vintage one that I was 100% happy with. Remember this red one or this croc one??  When that happens I suck it up and buy retail to get exactly what I want until the right vintage one turns up. This simple Madewell one ticks off the boxes and is logo free.

You can follow me on my Instagram where I tend to post new finds first!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Gorgeous Ear Piercings

Elaine Welteroth thin hoop earrings tragus piercing Binx Walton conch earrings Melodie Monrose cool earrings pretty earrings cute ear piercings cool ear piercings
Photos: Karen Blanchard/WDUGT

The moment that I cut my hair I knew that I would get more ear piercings because my ears are on show. 

Since then I have become borderline obsessed with cool earrings and ear piercings.  Remember this post on delicate earrings and where I get my piercings done??

Above are a few earrings and piercings that I've noticed over the past twelve months and below are just some of the earrings that I am thinking about: 

ps. Check my Instagram for another fave earring shot.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unisex Dressing

mens brogues

This is a recent skirt find that I saw when looking for something else completely.  Always happens though; you leave with something you didn't plan on.

Express sequin skirt Dagne Dover clutch
sequin mini skirt ray ban wayfarers oversized checked shirt wingtip brogues
Shirt: Mens second hand. Try Asos or JCrew.  Skirt: Express.  Vintage mens brogues: Spitalsfield London.  Try Church's, Topshop or  London Rebel. Clutch/Wallet: Dagne Dover.  Similar from Asos. Shades: Foldable Ray-Ban

The mens brogues and shirt balanced out a mini that could've teetered into dodgy night club territory (on my shape).

Note.  The advantage of having large feet is the access to mens shoes which makes buying vintage mens an absolute dream.   Try it if you can relate to the same issue.


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