Thursday, August 21, 2014

7 Easy Fall Outfit Ideas

model off duty style

There's a few weeks left of summer so here's seven looks to think about for the next season.

Find a go with everything plaid shirt.  Add a fedora in a bright colour or wear separately to accent your dark clothes. 

polka dot skirt

Clash striking polka dot patterns with an unexpected graphic print sweatshirt.

A plain one would also work. Red lips optional. 

Balenciaga work

Team pale slouchy oversized chambray shirts with dark denim. 

Ditch your black bag and carry a less expected leather pastel one in a classic shape. 

vintage leather jacket

Skip designer or high street jackets and finally get yourself that beat up vintage leather one you promised yourself.


Pair a mens style pinstriped shirt with your leather trousers. Also good with leather skirts (long or short). 

Pamela Love

 Layer your summer dresses under slouchy knits and boots a la Pamela Love. 

Pony hair clutch
Photos: Karen Blanchard/Where Did U Get That

Accent a badass coloured clutch with your dark coats and leathers.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


dr marten boots

Autumn looks are everywhere now but summer's not gone yet.

Our friend's old car is so damn cool I had to take some photos with it.  I swear if I could have my own car outside of a mini it'd be something vintage. 

denim cut offs white blouse DSC_6772 studded belt DSC_6975 DSC_6795 DSC_6707 denim cut offs
Shirt: H&M. Try Asos, Free People or I love this Louche Wynette blouse.  Shorts: Levis DIY hacked. Boots: Doc Martens. Belt: Vintage

Our friend's old car reminds me of the one from Christine the film. Thank God it doesn't have a working radio that plays old tracks.  It can't be driven too far but damn I love it.

It wasn't as chilly as the day before so I wore a victorian style blouse with the same denim shorts that have been worn almost every day this summer. The boots are year rounders since I have two ice blocks for feet.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Old Lace


Michael and me are upstate again.

We are here with his parents this time who are from Florida but are doing a road trip through the US so we took them to our fave place in the summer.

DSC_6368 DSC_6626DSC_6557
DSC_6488 (1)
Dress (worn back to front): Free People. Denim jacket: Second hand/thrift. Try Urban Outfitters. Sandals: Birkenstock. Socks: Mens

Check out this room with the old records. My friend's parents were hippies from the Woodstock days so being in this room (and house) is like stepping back in time. 

It's a bit nippy now up here so the socks and some form of a jacket are required.  I wore this dress back to front (you can see the front of it on my Facebook) with an old/new denim jacket on top.  The dress felt too girly to not wear with big sandals and yes - socks. 


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