Thursday, October 2, 2014

2 for 1

Celine lace up sandals

Expect more sitings of this 'mens skirts.' The double usage part has me re-thinking all sorts in my wardrobe!

Johnny cash tee shirt shirt skirt white skirt Untitled
Black t-shirt: Mens second hand/thrifted and cut off sleeves. Try Revolve.  Skirt: Mens white shirt buttoned and tied (also second hand).  Try Ashish or Shopbop.  Shoes: Celine. Lookalikes by KG and Urban Outfitters (easy dye job). Clutch: Plasticland. Shades: Ray-Ban Foldable Wayfarers

As always skip the women's section. Get a mens shirt that's too big so it doesn't hug when buttoned.

   Since posting this I got three more mens shirts in different colors. 

Aziza that First Aid clutch was too good.  Love ya for sh*t like that ;-)   See above for where I found them online. 

Where to get this or similar:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1 Easy Transitional Outfit

black lace dress black high top sneakers

"My jeans are H&M. The dress, I can't remember! My shoes are Marc by Marc Jacobs."

How good is this?  I stopped Alena because nothing beats black on black when done differently and yea I clocked that jacket.

Where To Find Alena's look:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leopard Fuzz

topshop leopard print skirt

I clocked this skirt on Topshop's site but talked myself out of it. Then I walked into the shop...

leopard print skirt topshop leopard pelmet skirt UntitledUntitled pointy flats
Blouse: H&M. Skirt (love this): Topshop. Try Mae Mikado, Current Elliot or StyleStalker. Shoes: Zara (also love). Try Haden, Topshop   Bag: Second hand/thrift. 

The skirt's a bit mod and a bit rock and roll.  The fact that it's pet-able is a bonus.

Size up if you try it. 

Where to get this or similar

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