Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hanne Gaby x Americana Manhasset Spring 2015

Americana Manhasset spring 2015 Hanne Gaby Gucci bag Hanne Gaby model Wolford tights Americana Manhasset spring 2015 Fendi bag Americana Manhasset spring 2015 LB_AnnFontain_v4 Hanne Gaby
Photos: Americana Manhasset Lookbook 

1970's rock and roll.   Love it.

The magazine dropped through my front door last week and I couldn't share these photos fast enough.

No words for the Gucci bag in pic #3 (comes with two interchangeable shoulder straps).  Available here

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Shearling Jacket

Shearling jacket Acne Velocite shearling jacket Acne shearling jacket Sophie Hulme bag Sophie Hulme envelope bag denim flared jeans Acne velocite shearling jacket flared jeans
Jacket: Acne.  In dark grey or black on black.  Try Revolve or Barneys (on sale), Jeans: JBrand 'Doll'. Try Blank Denim (brilliant reviews), Frame, Madewell's look cool or Asos! Boots: Topshop (runs small. Order 1 size up).  Bag w/ straps removed to use as a clutch: Sophie Hulme.   Available in black, green, yellow or get the tan mini tote (almost got this instead). 

This has to be the warmest jacket in my home - besides the white yeti.

You've seen this jacket before (here) with heels and (here) with Doc Martens.  About time it got paired with denim floor sweepers. 

ps.  More things added to my shop!   

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old School!

coach rivet sandals vintage coach bagsUntitled pixie hair cutUntitled faux fur coats short hair styles Block heel sandals Teddy coats
Dress: H&M (old).  I like this Topshop denim number.  Shoes: Coach - comes in blue too but loved the pearl colour.  The shoes remind me of Prada's. Shades: Ray-Ban.  Watch: Gucci. Coat: Vintage. Try River Island or Ashley B.  I lust for this Carven. Bag: Coach (old).  See my red one (here) and black one (here)!!  No, this post is not sponsored by Coach but obviously I dig their retro style stuff.

This is our fave hole in the wall pizza place.  I didn't know good pizza till I moved from London to New York.  Before I thought Pizza Hut was the dogs bollocks until I crossed the pond.  

We stumbled on this old spot (it's over thirty years old) as of two months ago and we are hooked.  Well - outside of another hole in the wall place in Harlem that is so damn good we'll drive there for a pie.  I digress...

How cool are these block heeled sling backs?  They look like the square toed shoes that I ALWAYS looked for in vintage shops but never found in a size 10 (makes sense being vintage).  These are so retro mod and look nothing like Coach.  It was love at first site.  Wore them with a wool dress that I forgot I had.  At the end of winter I forget I have wool dresses - really Karen?

ps. Pepperoni is one of my fave pizzas.  Unless it's from that Harlem place I mentioned where it's so good that their plain slice blows any topping pizza out the door.   Clearly pizza is my food nirvana. 

 Besides desserts.

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