Sunday, February 1, 2015

Carpet Coat

Embellished coat Floral print coat Chanel Cobalt Boy Chanel patent boy Chanel blue patent boy bag Chanel medium boy Platform ankle boots
Coat: Flea market.  Skirt: Zara. Boots: Belle Sigerson Morrison (seen before in this older post).  Try Rag & Bone or Topshop.  Bag: Chanel (I've bought from this site before and again no I don't work for them). Try this Marc by Marc Jax bag or their quilted one.   Sunglasses: Thrift (it was a try on, I didn't take them).

This isn't the warmest of coats but the embroidery makes up for it.   I tell myself that it's good for Spring and Autumn.  It's the "stop the effing car" coat I told you about when Michael and me were driving past a church flea market and I saw it out of my periphery vision hanging on a fence.

ps. Didn't buy anything from this Old Village thrift shop in Astoria but I look just in case.  Heck, you never know where you'll find something (obviously)!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fendi Pre-Fall 2015

Fendi pre fall 2015 Fendi Pre Fall kelly green clutch Pre Fall 2015 Fendi fall 2015 fendi editorial Fendi coat

Winter is when you say bollocks to the cold and experiment with different textures and colors.  I don't care if it's a bright lipstick, a grass green bag or a pink coat that you think is for spring. That's what inspires me when I stop someone to shoot - it's their mix of something unexpected.

You can take cues from these looks and apply them at any price point.  
That first coat is brilliant.  Coats like this boxy one or this fur collared pink with a clutch are a compromise?

Friday, January 30, 2015

I Had To Ask Claire

Boyfriend jeans Miu Miu Catwalk sunglasses

"My coat is from Topshop. My bag is Alexander Wang.  My jeans are vintage and my sunglasses are by Miu Miu."

This is one person that I look forward to finding during fashion week.  Claire's outfits are always an exercise on how to wear color.  The next time I see her, I will ask if she is up for a Full Monty feature.

Catch another shot of Claire here.

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