Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Suede fringe jacketGucci Lady Web bag Gucci suede lady web bag faux leather pants leather fringe jacket Gucci suede bag
Jacket: Vintage. Faux leather skinnies: TJMaxx. Bag: Gucci.  Also at Neiman Marcus. Try Modcloth and Kooba for a similar feel. Belt: Vintage. Boots: All Saints. Wishbone necklace: Jennifer Zeuner.  Shades: Ray-Ban

Long time readers know that these boots are as old as my blog is.  I wish All Saints would come out with them again in this original version. The soles have been changed at least three times now.  They are still my favorite boots ever and that's saying a lot after sharing my bedroom with you :-| 

My jaw dislocated and hit the ground when I saw this bag back in February.   Someone walked past me with it and I honestly thought that it was vintage.   A couple of weeks ago I sold an unused Chanel and took the plunge. 

ps.  More photos wearing it are on my Instagram (plus recent vintage  encounters).  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shades Of Grey

Pharrell Williams Superstar sneakers Adidas superstar originals belted coat Vintage coach bags Wildfox sunglasses grey mens coat
Mens coat: Zara (old).  Try Asos Dress: Zara (omg I hate when I wear one brand). Try Calvin Klein (on sale) or one of these! Trainers: Pharrell x Adidas. Crucifix brooch: Necklace pinned onto coat. Bag: Vintage Coach. Shades: WildFox. Belt: Vintage

Body cons aren't my thing but this one had enough slouch to not feel like a stuffed sausage.   Plus I'm cheating really with a mens coat on top. 

Speaking of though, consider belting yours high at the waist especially if it's not supposed to be.  The penny just dropped about trying that approx two minutes before leaving the house.  Instant pseudo structured cardigan effect that's better than a proper meant-to-be-belted coat. 

Also here's one easy DIY idea:  The brooch is an old necklace that I've stopped wearing.  Just bunch it together and pin it to the coat using a giant sized safety pin.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Romantic Blouse


Chloe: $1,995 or  H&M: $49.95

In case you are shopping this weekend...

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