Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Gorgeous Ear Piercings

Elaine Welteroth thin hoop earrings tragus piercing Binx Walton conch earrings Melodie Monrose cool earrings pretty earrings cute ear piercings cool ear piercings
Photos: Karen Blanchard/WDUGT

The moment that I cut my hair I knew that I would get more ear piercings because my ears are on show. 

Since then I have become borderline obsessed with cool earrings and ear piercings.  Remember this post on delicate earrings and where I get my piercings??

Above are a few earrings and piercings that I've noticed over the past twelve months and below are just some of the earrings that I am thinking about: 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unisex Dressing

mens brogues

This is a recent skirt find that I saw when looking for something else completely.  Always happens though; you leave with something you didn't plan on.

Express sequin skirt Dagne Dover clutch
sequin mini skirt ray ban wayfarers oversized checked shirt wingtip brogues
Shirt: Mens second hand. Try Asos or JCrew.  Skirt: Express.  Vintage mens brogues: Spitalsfield London.  Try Church's, Topshop or  London Rebel. Clutch/Wallet: Dagne Dover.  Similar from Asos. Shades: Foldable Ray-Ban

The mens brogues and shirt balanced out a mini that could've teetered into dodgy night club territory (on my shape).

Note.  The advantage of having large feet is the access to mens shoes which makes buying vintage mens an absolute dream.   Try it if you can relate to the same issue.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Essence Street Style Awards

white jumpsuit

I was a correspondent last week Sunday for the first Essence Street Style Awards in Dumbo Brooklyn.

Ron Bass

The event kicked off with a block party featuring three fashion designers; Kimberly Goldson, Melody Ehsani and Ron Bass who were picked to wrap a Chevrolet Cruze in their own aesthetic.  I mentioned designer Ron Bass in this earlier post.

Gabi Gregg

Mimi Goodwin, Gabi Gregg and I were the three chosen to help cover the two part event.  

Hermes CDC cuff

I'm either Instagramming, Tweeting or posting on Facebook.


One of the three Chevys custom wrapped. 

Tamu McPherson

The Essence Street Style Awards began in the early evening with a red carpet followed by dinner.  

The honorees were Tracee Ellis Ross, Tamu MacPherson (shown above) June Ambrose and Azede Jean-Pierre. 


Janelle was the winner of the Chevrolet Street Style Maven award.  Isn't she gorge? Her bustier and culottes are from Topshop, the clutch and shoes  are by Vince Camuto (I had to ask). 

June Ambrose

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose.


Waiting to walk the red carpet (yes I got changed).


The day ended with cocktails and a sit down dinner for the awards ceremony.

It was a brilliant day for photography so I was well in my element.  Congrats to the three designers and the Essence Street Style honorees.  

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