Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leopard Fuzz

topshop leopard print skirt

I clocked this skirt on Topshop's site but talked myself out of it. Then I walked into the shop...

leopard print skirt topshop leopard pelmet skirt UntitledUntitled pointy flats
Blouse: H&M. Skirt (love this): Topshop. Try Mae Mikado, Current Elliot or StyleStalker. Shoes: Zara (also love). Try Haden, Topshop   Bag: Second hand/thrift. 

The skirt's a bit mod and a bit rock and roll.  The fact that it's pet-able is a bonus.

Size up if you try it. 

Where to get this or similar

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Lace

studded jacket

These are two month old-ish photos taken in a black lace number that has some insane details.

adidas stan smith
boyfriend blazer black lace dress adidas stan smith
Dress: Vintage/Second hand. Shoes: Adidas. Bag: Chanel. Try Rebecca Minkoff, eBay (ask me for trusted sellers) or vintage consignment shops. Jacket: Topshop Unique

I honestly can't remember where I found this dress, probably a flea market in another Karen levitates from the ground towards it moment.
It's a bit racey yea being transparent so I make do with a slip and/or jacket. 

It looks best though clashed under big knit jumpers.  Just a flash of lace peaking under something oversized.  Brilliant! 

Where to get this or similar

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tea Party

Round sunglasses

 This is right up my alley.  It's sort of mad hatters tea party which is appropriate for a lunch somewhere half decent.  

Saint Laurent Paris pumps neon heels
Dress: Topshop. Try this one to waltz around in. Socks: Topshop. Shoes: Saint Laurent. Bag: Kurt Geiger. Try Rag & Bone, Mackage or Asos.  Shades: Beacons Closet

As you know any lightweight dress that looks vintage is going to get me.

Plus there's got to be a teeny bit of mad in an outfit.  Sensible shoes be damned. 

ps. Pics before the recent hair chop in the last Dr Marten post

pps. Just updated my shop.


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